Saturday, 5 March 2016

Glasgow 2016 - some personal highlights

There's more serious stuff to come from #DPC16 - a lot more.  But the conferences (#YDEF16 included) did have a personal side to them as well, and I wanted to get things down on paper before I forget them.

There's a good chance I'll return to this as and when another memory fights its way through the current brain fog, but these are the things that have stood out for me on a personal level over the last four days:

  • Meeting members of the #doc.  It's always top of the list when you get to meet people you spend so much time talking to.  Finally getting to meet (in no particular order) Laura, Kelly, Kris, Sandie, Dani, Mike, Ellie, Bob, Helen, Partha, Pratik, Emma, Becky, Ali, Neil, Pete, Sophie, Lis, Jon, Jane, Amy, Hannah, Jane-Claire and anyone else who I've definitely forgotten (sorry - can barely remember my own name right now).  Memories were made - I thank you.

  • Getting to speak at both conferences.  I think Kelly and I delivered a solid couple of workshops at #YDEF16 to say we'd only met for the first time the night before (and only had one practice run).  Standing up in the Arena on the first day of the conference and being given a platform to give my experiences on education at #DPC16 was a real highlight and I'm grateful to Bridget from Diabetes UK for allowing me to share the stage
  • Watching my friends speak.  I saw Kelly deliver a great speech about her Sugarbuddies experience, and Laura talk so passionately about NICE guidelines, both within a few hours of each other.
  • The 5k fun run.  It take a lot to motivate me out for a run before 7am.  But it WAS fun (sorry Ali) and it lead tomy fastest 5k time and the creation of...
  • The #DPC16 #DOC T-Shirt... a sixth form leavers present for the Conference Age
  • Sanofi Coffee.   The Sanofi stand was the default meeting place for everyone and I think it was a unanimous vote that their coffee was the best (other pharma coffee stands are/were available)
  • Seeing people you weren't expecting to.  Basically half of my diabetes team in Sheffield showed up for the conference which is not wholly unexpected, but running into so many of them in such a busy environment was a surprise, but a very welcome one
  • Hearing the conclusion of something I'd been a part of.  The very first lecture at #DPC16 gave the results of the clinical trial I took part in for two years.  I'd heard the headline news, but to see the presentation was very interesting (and a little controversial)
  • Meeting so many people.  Obviously putting faces to names from the #doc was incredible, but having the chance for a few words with those who'd spoken so passionately or chaired incredible discussions was a great opportunity.
  • Being part of something.  I wrote a quick overview of what seemed to be the messages of #DPC16 and I think to have been there and be part of that rising tide of change was a real highlight.  Having the chance to add my voice to the huge buzz that was already there is a highlight, and to be able to share what's going on with everyone was a real privilege
  • A couple of quotes.  Nick Oliver said at #YDEF16 "I don't know if any of you have had a hypo, but we tell people with diabetes to eat 15g of carbs and wait 15 minutes.  I dare you to do that".  Partha Kar told a room full of diabetes clinicians "None of you are experts. People with diabetes are the experts. We're all just specialists, at best".  It's reassuring how much they get it.
I think there's more to add to that list, and I'll no doubt return to this in the coming days as my brain settles down.  But for now, that's just a few of so many things that made this week special.


  1. A brilliant experience all round. Well done for getting out so many tweets and keeping us all informed of the sessions. Thanks.