Thursday, 17 May 2012

Where to next

Hello again

I'm cautiously dipping my toe back into the vast pool of blogging after a brief absence.

I've been wary of coming back without having something to say.  I mentioned in a previous few posts that I didn't want to blog for the sake of it - it's fine having somewhere to voice your opinions, but doing so when you have nothing to offer is an exercise in futility.

That said, whilst this post should do something to set the tone for the future, I'm still a little unclear about what that is.  I'll continue to talk about running and diabetes as I did previously.  I've yet to put my trainers back on in anger yet, though this is mostly due to allowing myself a bit more time for bruises and blisters to subside.  I'm going to keep running for regular exercise, but I've also got more races lined up too - the BUPA Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield being the next one in September.

I suppose it makes sense to blog about something you know and/or something you love.  Whilst I would never claim to be any sort of authority on writing or blogging and the like, I know that the things that engage me personally are are those with a clear sense of passion.  Again, I hope I have conveyed that to a certain degree in the past and hopefully I'll continue to do so every now and then.

Of course the list of things I could write about is quite lengthy.  For any of you that have engaged with me in one way or another know that one of my greatest passions is football (and of course my beloved Sheffield Wednesday).  I've never written about football for a few reasons - mostly that I think it's quite a divisive subject to write about and I'm not sure I'd do it well enough.  This coming season will be my first with a season ticket for Hillsborough, so the odd football post may appear.  Reading it is not compulsory of course.

As for my other interests (read: things I could potentially bore you with), I expect you'll get the odd post about cooking, photography and music with the occasional "opinion" post thrown in for good measure.

For me, the immediate future holds a trip to Krakow for the wedding of some friends.  It also coincides with my 31st birthday so there'll be a big party and a great atmosphere though I suspect most of the attention will rightly fall on the happy couple.  I'm attempting to learn a bit of Polish for the trip which is progressing about as well as you'd expect.  I'm confident I'll know enough to be polite which is all I ever really try for.  Manners go a long way right?  I'm planning a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau while I'm out there as well.  I can't imagine it being anything other than incredibly sobering and emotional, but I feel like it's something I have to see.  More on that in the coming weeks I expect.

I had an incredible following on this blog throughout my marathon training and it'd be unrealistic to think that all of you will continue to read this as the weeks go on.  Hopefully for those of you that do occasionally pop in, there'll be something worth looking at.

I'll sign this off now.  I'm not sure if I've really articulated what the future WWPH posts will look like, but hopefully a few of you will stick around to find out.

I do owe everyone one final thank you for the support I got for the London Marathon.  I've now raised an incredible £1500 + Gift Aid for my two charities and I'm really touched that so many people kindly donated their money.  Thank you ever so much.

Talk to you soon


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