Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Something to write home about

Hello again

Today marked an important step on the long road to London.  I went for a run!!

I say run.  In fairness it was more of run/walk (as advised by the physio) but I still got my running gear on and went out in the wind and the rain and did some running.  And while it was only just over a mile - going out and doing it was psychologically big for me

The route - cheers GoogleI

The question now is whether or not going out was a good idea.  The physio and I agreed it should be if I took it steady.  And I definitely did.  I've got a bit of a dull ache at the moment but I get that from time to time.  I'm not naive enough to think it's unrelated but I'm equally not going to be so pessimistic to think that it will be a problem.  I had a similar pain after each physio appointment so I'm going to continue to focus on the positives.

I won't be doing any more jogging until the weekend now (at the earliest) so hopefully I can continue with the exercises to loosen the joint and things will get gradually easier.

Diet-wise I've been plodding along.  It's been one of those funny weeks where we've had friends visiting and things so I've not been able to be as strict as I normally would be (I even chanced a sliver of lemon meringue pie at my mum's the other night) but I've been steadfastly sticking to the salads during the week.

I haven't weighed myself yet but I imagine I'll be hovering around where I have been for the last two weeks.  I'm feeling good and I think that's one of the most important things to consider.  I'll lose more weight as I gradually increase the training over the next few months.

Finally, a quick diabetes update.  Things are feeling like they're returning to normal now.  Blood sugar levels are generally in the 4-7 area although the feeling of being on a tightrope is still there.  Even after all these years I'm still amazed by how even slight changes in routine can have such an affect on my blood sugar levels.

I sometimes get the feeling that I'll never be able to control that mystery factor  and every now and again, I'll get an unexpected reading.  I think that's just part of my life and not panicking when it happens is the best thing I can do.

I've got a follow up appointment with the diabetes nurse on Friday morning.  I've probably not done everything she asked me to do but I think it's difficult to try and prescribe a method of living your life to someone else.  But perhaps that's for another blog.

If you fancy a chat then you can find me on Twitter (@BroomOwl) or drop me a mail on broomowl@gmail.com You'll be pleased to hear that BlackBerry have sorted themselves out so I'll have no problems getting back to you.

Thanks for reading - I know a lot of you make the effort to have a look and I really do appreciate it.

Take care


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